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Open Bible Fellowship (OBF) is a church that truly exemplifies Psalm 96:8 – “Give God the Glory due unto His name”. The way OBF glorifies God really comes down to the four foundational pillars of the church. Out of the four pillars, I believe the first pillar is what really makes OBF different: proclaiming the authority of God’s Word without apology. I don’t remember a time when Pastor Allan didn’t emphasize the importance of expository teaching. We would focus on one Book of the Bible for months, going through verses one by one and really try to understand the exact meaning in its original context. I am grateful that God has brought me to OBF to treasure God’s Word, and search for it as I would for silver and hidden treasures (Proverbs 2:1-5). I believe this is how I and many other students came to increasingly fear God and gain knowledge of Him.

For the two years I’ve been at OBF, I know the other pillars regarding worship, prayer and sharing the Gospel are not just things we print on pretty papers, but are principles that Pastor Allan holds onto very dearly. He repeatedly teaches us the importance of all these pillars and helps us to glorify God through them. It’s been a wonderful blessing to be part of this church full of devoted Christ-followers. We are growing like a mustard seed and I believe God will continue to use OBF to glorify Him and bless
many more students’ spiritual walk. Amen!

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To be honest, I was a bit skeptical going to Open Bible Fellowship (OBF) when invited by friends. First of all it was on Queen’s campus and I thought that “families” would be more of a bother or an inconvenience and second of all what could I possibly learn alongside university students that I didn’t already know? After all I did grow up in church and I have heard it all from the pulpit…but was I ever wrong!

OBF accepted us and the kids with open arms! They even saw a need to start a Sunday school for us and another family with kids that was based on the teachings that were being taught in the lecture hall to the adults. Now our family conversations in the car on the way home are completely on the same page and it is evident that our kids are learning so much about the word of God and not in a “cheesy”, kiddy Bible story way either!

In the lecture hall nothing is skipped over because of content or because it is a “sensitive” topic in the Bible. OBF strives to present the truth in each verse of the Bible and provides an authentic place of worship through songs and through the teachings. Jesus’ name is what is glorified in each and every service. I am learning about the Word of God in a way that I never have before…and it is right alongside the students! I feel “at home” here and really feel like my family is expanding.

We feel so blessed that we have found a place where the Word of God is the agenda; nothing else…just pure truth.